Phew what a scorcher, I've just got my photos back, many of them featured ice-cream. Could it possibly be because we stopped the Ice-cream van outside our huddle of tents? Some equally good shots of the fire - what a fire. Standing at the Marquee was almost not far enough away. The pub at the bottom of the village did a silly thing saying that it would serve Restaurant for "Locals" and regulars. Recon they missed out on a huge killing - sad gits. Fortunately the marquee made up for any pub short fall. Thanks to Norm, we had a little shade, but then again, since his bike broke on Saturday, we had to stay on site until mid-day on Sunday. However, we all got to ride home at speed while Norm sat in an un air conditioned pick-up with the heater stuck on - ahh poor Norm. My Bike goes a bit fast! (ask cas)