New Year 00

What can you say about a five-day party, seven months ago. I think it went well, we didn't run out of beer or food, but it came dangerously close on the cheese. From a non-cheese eater to all you cheesivours - sorry I underestimated your potential for eating smelly stuff. More concerning was the chocolate running low! I think this lot sums it up. People came, people drank, people ate, people partied, a few fireworks went off, and people went home. Thinking back I do remember some fireworks popping mildly in the back garden, then again I suspect the entire Vale of Evesham will remember them. We lived up to one of the SPAM alternative meanings - Some Pyrotechs And Maniacs. That's all I can remember apart from we ran out of Headache tablets and Brian was sick. Can anyone else fill in the gaps?