Bricks 40th

I always prefer drinking but a few stumbles from my bed, and this was perfect. The 12 hour hangover was worth it. Arg - who recognised Freddie what happened to the hair - and are they on the mailing list? It was Sunderland all over again, boys at the bar, girlies jigging around to music. Just like the old days! The do was great, but too many people to talk to. Not really a complaint, just wishful thinking on my part that I had stayed soberer and talked more coherently - or even listened more continually. However, the hotel is being re-named Faulty Towers. Could we drink at the lower bar - could we B******s, you may eat - no - yes, which is it please, the top bar is serving latter, well I suppose 2 seconds is later but not by long. Then on to breakfast, where nearly normal Norman nearly blew a gasket. The little serving girl eventually realised that ignoring Norman was not an option - no-body, least of all hungover people, needs Norman repeating a straightforward request 30 times, louder longer and more meaningfully. Come back John Cleese your managerial skills are required. Still I say the Party was a good one - thanks Dave.