Deb & Dave's wedding 12/01/01

Having decided to get married, there seemed little point in waiting around for years like some couples do. We both felt we had waisted enough time as it was. So we set too organising, little did we realise that after we had decided on a hotel, it would get booked up on the day we wanted. Our options were to put the wedding back, or move it forward, and like mad impetious fools we moved it forward. Not only where we planing the wedding, but Christmas was coming fast. Debbie did a fantastic job of dealing with all the little things that you don't realise need to be done when a event like this is put together. We had dicided it would just be impossible if we didn't get help, and so we contacted a wedding organizer. Who happens to be a biker too. I asked Brian to be my best man, since he has known both of us for so long, and since he's got away without being a best man for far too long. I also loved the idea of forcing him to wear the full pengine suit. So, suit's wedding dresses's regestra, and wedding stationary panic over. all that remained was to get married.

I acturly didn't have time for a full blown stag night, so Brian and I stayed up drinking with a bunch of cigarette sales people in the hotel until some stupid hour in the morning. Next day I was nervous, but Brian instantly calmed my nerves by being even more nervous than me. Un accustomed as he is to public speaking and all that. Debbie agrees the day flew past, first there was the family bit, which was fun. My cousen did a great job of winding Brian up. I was floating at that point, but I think it all went without a hitch. Both families really enjoyed themselves, which is what it's all about I guess.

We thought that we would have a breather between family and party, but SPAM started turning up before we had finnished our meal. There where supposed to be some other guests in the hotel, but I only saw family & SPAM. We filled the place. Infact not everyone could get in. Sorry folks, we where busy.

That night it was strange to see a mixture of people I had known for so long, together with Family. Weddings bring a strange mix of people together. It was good to see the dancefloor bogieing down to the sound of El Press's band. Excerlent choice of music Dave.

Everyone says that your wedding day is the best day of your life, well in the past maybe I've been a bit synical, but now I know it to be true. It was truly an awesome day for both of us, and I'm glad that those that could turn up, helped to make it that little bit special.

Here's the Photo's.