Big Dave's 40th

Just how do you sum up a weekend when you can't remember over half of it. Maybe that sums it up anyway! 28 people on the loose in a city renowned for Diamonds, tulips, canals, gold and something else, but what slips my memory. How dangerous can that be? Well, for Brian, possibly very, but honest Jan, we didn't break him he was already broken. The internet is a marvellous thing, but you do have to pay attention, especially when booking hotel rooms. I would like to list who went, but I hope those who went remember who they were cos I can't. Great party Dave, can we do it again & next time I will pay more attention - promise. While I am naming, thanks Pete for the choice of bar on the first night. I know every building in Amsterdam has steps to it, but 11! Perfect symmetry to hoist a wheelchair is necessary and achievable when sober, however, I heard a rumour about a small slip on the way out. For some reason I wasn't there! On the bright side of life, if you want to offend a maximum number of fun seeking strangers, stand at the top of some steps and gently regurgitate the contents of your stomach whilst leaning over the railings.. A good night was had by all.

Have you ever had the feeling that whilst walking through a strange city in a foreign land, you will meet someone you know round the corner? Saturday was the epitome of that, every corner turned was just another friend waiting to be met. All day Chinese whispers abounded pertaining to the time for evening festivities. It changed more times than a whores draws. Somehow it all worked and nearly 28 people found the right place at the right time, and descend on a small pizzeria - he didn't know what had hit him.

Sunday was a reflection of Saturday - but perhaps a little slower and more careful. However (there has to be one), the street of Amsterdam are lined with - Spam. Just one small hint for those who are going back the police are armed and don't appreciate drinking or revelling on the streets - stick to inside the bars. They have no problem with being sick though?